Hello! My name is Jaden and I own the music store, feel free to stop by!!

Get to Know You!


Hey, Jaden! That’s a cool name. Seems to me like this place is full of lil’ kids, but at  least you’re around my age. So what’s up?

You really think so? Well, thank you. [smiles] Ah yes, there’s quite the number of children running around, I don’t mind much though. It’s kind of refreshing to see all the youth run around! Haha, wow look at me, I sound older than I actually am.

Oh well, nothing interesting’s happening at the moment.. And yourself?

A More Comprehensive Character Questionnaire

Name: Jaden Riffee
Colour: #191970
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Music store owner.
Hobbies: Playing like a billion instruments, cleaning his store, reading, listening to music
Pets: None, he'd like a dog though
House: A middle class home, always kept tidy but sometimes things happen and the house is a mess. One story house.
Wardrobe: Many colour clothing, most of his shirts are white or blue. Usually wears jeans or sweats. Sometimes in a polo if he feels like it. Tennis shoes and whatnot
Cooking: He's a good enough cook to feed himself and not die.
Fighting: Jaden more like holy shit he's can kick your ass. He's a villain remember that folks, he knows how to fight. Can box, knows Judo and Karate.
Favorite Foods: Chicken and Corn.
Weather: Average weather with some clouds in the sky, not too sunny, not too cloudy. The temp is about 75 degrees.
Friends: He likes making friends, but he knows he'll make enemies. No one is his friend at first sight, he has to get to know them.
Love: ???????????????????????????

Oh geez my back hurts now.

Try to emotionally destroy my character.

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